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Round 6: Florida Edition - Feeling A Type Of Way from 90’s Nickelodeon

November 30th, 2017

Come with us and join our adventure as we discuss the BRAND NEW INFINITY WAR TRAILER that Marvel has put out.  But afterwards together we discuss our favorite Nickelodeon shows from the 90s. A little old school meets new school!

Round 5: Florida Edition - Feeling A Type Of Way from The Roles You Can’t Escape

November 22nd, 2017

Another new round from the Florida Edition bringing some roots to this one.  Join Ashley and Tommy as they discuss actors and actresses who began on TV and after being stuck as one character hasn't been able to break from that character.  This one is a good one!


Round 4: Florida Edition - Feeling A Type Of Way from The Room (Review)

November 13th, 2017

Oh Hi Mark!

Well we finally made it here.... We are finally discussing one of the best yet worst movies of all time.  For this Round, Ashley Stashbox and Tommy James breakdown the “Citizen Kane of bad movies" The Room directed and starring Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero.  Join us as we breakdown this movie, scene for scene and it's amazing acting and great videography. It's a gear up for the Disaster Artist coming out December 8th. Join us and laugh your ass off!

Round 3: Florida Edition - Feeling A Type Of Way from The Little Stashbox of Horrors

November 9th, 2017

Join us on our next adventure with Tommy James and Ashley Stashbox bringing a brand new round of the Florida Edition but this time we are going to take a backseat and learn a little bit more about the lovely Ms. Stashbox. Shes going to tell us her story and her cheerleading past (Hey Mickey!)  But afterwards we dive into a game all the 2nd Rounders know called RE-CAST EM! That's right! We are recasting Little Shop of Horrors and telling you who we want in our movie!  Hop onboard with the fun and excitment of the Florida Edition as we continue the takeover of the Sunshine State!

Round 104 - Stranger Things 2 - Spoiler Review

November 7th, 2017

The Crew is Back At it again . This Round the NYC Chapter speaks Stranger Things 2. Hear as they breakdown each episode and discuss Like/Dislikes/ Themes and predictions for this Netflix show. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD !!

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2nd Rounds On Us Takeover Game-A-Con 2017 - Robby Howell - Elemental Theory

November 5th, 2017

The 2nd Round Crew Go Back to Atlantic City for a 2nd round of Game-A-Con. In this interview Alex"A-Town"Ryan and Mathew "Mista" Malave sit down with Once again with Robby Howell the creator of Elemental Theory and Live-Action and Vocal Acting (LAVA). These games revolve around immersing players in a fantasy experience using only description, imagination, acting, and the occasional physical simulation. Once again Listen to Mista Malave and Mr. A-Town play LAVA with Robby as they though Lifetime BUT This time there game is saved and plan to have Robby on our show very soon to continue there Journey .

2nd Rounds On Us Takeover Game-A-Con 2017- MaryMartha E. Ford - Dieng - Mot & Dot LLC

November 2nd, 2017

The 2nd Round Crew Go Back to Atlantic City for a 2nd round of Game-A-Con. In this interview Alex"A-Town" Ryan and Mathew "Mista" Malave sit down with MaryMartha E. Ford-Dieng, Owner Of Mot & Dot LLC . MaryMartha introduced to us her new Ultimate Party Card Game That we Cant Get enough Of, The Ultimate Clap Back. 

Grab your own set of the Ultimate Clap Back game here:


Round 2: Florida Edition - Feeling A Type Of Way from Halloween

November 1st, 2017

A brand new episode from Ashley Stashbox and Tommy James! Halloween is coming and our crew sits down to discuss our favorite and least favorite things about Halloween.  As that goes on we also found ourselves talking some Nickelodeon as well....I mean...how could you not!


Special Guest: Ron, Christian and Jenn