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Round 69 - Mr. NOBODY Knows Whats Gonna Happen

January 7th, 2017

Happy New Year to all the 2nd Rounders! IT'S HAT DAY ON THE 2ND ROUND. Come join your favorite host Tommy James, Mr. A-Town Ryan and Mista Malave as we cheers to a New Year, do a Hoedown and discuss the new director for the Slenderman Movie, Expendables 4 with Jackie Chan? And what Mr. A-Town thought about the movie Fences.  We go LIVE on Instagram but afterwards we get deep. REALLY DEEP as we review the Jared Leto film Mr. Nobody.  We discuss the different branches (and the green grass grows all around) and we talk about our life experiences and what if we chose a different path where would we be? This is a perfect start to a New Year cause the 2nd Round gets REAL on Round 69!

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