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2nd Round Roster

May 22, 2017

Tommy James aka. Mr. Oh So Smooth (Co-Founder / Host / Smoothest Man on the Planet)

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Tommy James the founder of the 2nd Round's On Us Podcast Show decided that while sitting on a couch with friends and having a few drinks is fun and all but what happens when we take our fun and put it to a good use.  Starting in May of 2015, the show was branded The Oh So Smooth Show which after one episode was changed due to Mr. James not wanting the show to be solely about him but to be about the fans and crew apart of it.  The 2nd Round's On Us was used as a way to tell the listeners that not only are we drinking on the show but we are offering you a 2nd Round of knowledge and information with bringing comedy and personality to your ears.  The entertainment business is where Mr. James finds a way to be his true self and thrives to be the best.

Strengths: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Cool Runnings, Bobby Boucher impression, Smooth Transitions, Scottish Accents, Disney, Superhero Universe, Star Wars, The Music Industry
Weakness: Superhero TV shows, Jamaican Accents, Anime, Non Smooth Activities, Ginger Beer, Role-Playing Games, Pronunciation, Singing
Goals: To turn the 2nd Round into the most listen to show around the WORLD. And to always be Smooth.

Victor aka. Synn City (Co-Founder / Host / Leader of Synn City)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, one day Victor was brought on as a guest by co-founder Tommy James. The rest was history. One of the original members of the 2nd Round crew Victor brings his cynical outlook to every discussion and never holds back. Synn City has been a gamer since he could hold a controller and loves antiheroes and villains (lets just say it'd be best not to talk about Superman with him). He may be the darkest member of the crew in terms of his outlook on certain topics but deep down Synn City loves what he does, is passionate about all things associated with nerd culture (including not limited to anime, the Marvel Universe, video games especially fighting games and Kaiju such as Godzilla) and loves the listeners. Everything Synn City does is for the Second Rounders and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Strengths: Being Cynical, Street Fighter, RPGs, Weird Movies, Embracing The Evil, Spell Checking, Keeping A Straight Face, Horror, Silent Hill, Kaiju 
Weaknesses: Showing Up, All Accents, Chick Flicks, Racing Games, DC universe, Cosplaying As Characters People Actually Know
Goals: To give the fans the best show he can and to bring more fan interaction to the show and it's social media pages. 

Alex Ryan aka. A-Town (Co-Founder / Host / Director)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Alex Ryan is one of those guys who brings his pure enjoyment on life to everything he involves himself in.  Well he also brings his knowledge as well.  After being welcomed in by the 2nd Round crew on episode Lucky number 13, Alex has brought not only diversity but a strong opinion on almost every subject we can speak of.  The man thrives to achieve his goals and was deemed a Co-Founder on the show for his motives on making this show the best it can be. Now Alex may not be a drinker but he does love his high quality H20 as we all know. This show is glad to have the Funk man on with his talent and knowledge!

Strengths: Morgan Freeman impressions, Video Games, TV shows, Anime, Movies, Getting Sharks Pregnant, Disney, Being Loud as Fuck, Pronunciation, Star Wars
Weaknesses: Alcohol, Racist Jokes, Get Out, Dinosaurs
Goals: To keep the show as one of the longest running podcast shows in the world and to venture off into the video world of directing skits and shows.

Mathew Malave aka. Mista Malave aka. Matman (Co-Founder / Host / Registered Singer)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Mathew Malave is what some people may refer to as a special gem. However, on this show....he's just Mista Malave. YES! the singer turnt podcaster but still active in the music world has brought his knowledge and voice to the 2nd Round.  First appearing on Episode 37 we knew Matt was the spunk that we needed, the show was missing one thing and it was a Malave.  Since then Mat has been able to bring his personal take on the entertainment industry from Movies to TV, to Video Games to Music. Mista Malave in fact is an R&B artist and you can find all his information by visiting "www.mathewmalave.com".  Mr. Wrong became Mr. Right and we are glad to have such a talented and funny ass Spanish mother fucka on our show.

Strengths: Tony Montana impression, The Music Industry, Thots, The Walking Dead, Wrestling, Singing, Partying like it's your Birthday, Disney, Superhero Universe, Chris Tucker impression
Weaknesses: Most facts about Movies, Dennis Quad, Bobby Boucher impressions, Agreeing to Disagree, Pronunciation, Always thinking your yelling at him
Goals: Making this show the hottest and best show on the planet! Buy Mathew Malave's Brand new single "PARTY LIKE" on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and etc.


Coming in 2017 new segments and new voices will be heard from the likes of Vanessa aka. Scarlett Spitfire who's long awaited segment will finally be appearing on our YouTube channel.  We wanted to make sure everything was ready to go and we know Vanessa is excited and ready to get to work, so we figured let's make it happen for the new year!