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2nd Rounds On Us REWIND — Round 58 - (J)ust (A)nother (W)hite (S)hark


Lets take a trip wayyy back to August 27, 2016 and look back at this episode of the 2nd Rounds NYC Edition where we spoke about JAWS!


Original Description below:

The Second Rounds On Us brings to you your favorite hosts, Tommy Smooth Effect James, Mr. A-Town Ryan & Mista Malave having some drinks bringing back the lovely and beautiful Vanessa aka. SCARLETT SPITFIRE. We talking about the new Jumanji remake with the Rock, Whos playing Billy Batson in Shazam and the remake of IT showed us pictures of Pennywise....Oh Boy! Afterwards, we go into the deep with a classic of summer blockbusters. We are chomping away at the great film JAWS! We break down everything Jaws...leaving it open for a possible...Jaws Part 2 Discussion?

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