2nd Round Takesover Game-a-Con 2016 - Snippets - Shaun Salzberg

December 19, 2016

Continuing our trip back to Game-A-Con 2016 in Atlantic City to sit down with gamers, game developers and do a brand new Who U Got Challenge.  For this interview we brought the entire crew back together to have an AWESOME chat with Shaun Salzberg of "The Master Theorem Games" to talk about SNIPPETS.  Shaun explained to us how Snippets works which took all of us by storm. It's Scrabble but for those who don't need a dictonary? WE LOVE IT! No wonder they call it "The Fast Paced Anything Goes Word Game".  Check out this interview with us and Shaun and we want all you out there to go back this project up and put it on your christmas list and in your collection of boardgames! We will be playing this game on our show coming in 2017 with Shaun LIVE!