2nd Round Takesover Game-a-Con 2016 - Algo Crunch - Martin Horstman

November 17, 2016

Continuing our trip to Game-A-Con 2016 in Atlantic City to sit down with gamers, game developers and do a brand new Who U Got Challenge.  For this interview Synn City and Mr. A-Town sat down with Martin Horstman the President & Lead Software Engineer of Algo Crunch. "AlgoCrunch is a small, family owned software company with a focus on producing iOS apps. AlgoCrunch was formed in early 2010, where the first year and a half were spent building high quality internal tools specifically for development and design on the iOS platform. Using these tools, our first venture into the app store was a small scale arcade game, called “Aqua Burst”. Since then, we have been working on “Word Fusion” (coming soon), as well as several “Proof of Concepts” for future ideas." - Martin Horstman

An awesome interview with a team of AMAZING IDEAS! Check them out!