2nd Round Takesover Game-a-Con 2016 - Affectiva - Forest Handford

December 8, 2016

Continuing our trip back to Game-A-Con 2016 in Atlantic City to sit down with gamers, game developers and do a brand new Who U Got Challenge.  For this interview Synn City and Mista Malave sit down with Forest Handford DevOps Leader and Developer Advocate of Affectiva.


"What if we could play games that read our emotions and adapt in real-time?"

"Games are designed to take us on an emotional journey, but do not sense and adapt to a player’s emotions. Their emotion-sensing and analytics technology is transforming the gaming industry, giving developers the tools to create more immersive games and providing gamers the unique ability to drive gameplay with their emotions."


This interview is amazing and Synn City gives this idea a try and in his words "The sickest and coolest thing i've ever seen, this will take over the gaming industry"