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NYC Edition Round 179: 3 Stages of Winter: Who You Got Challenge Wintercon 2019 - Holiday Movies

November 14th, 2019

Welcome welcome to the first breakdown of the 3 Stages of Winter for Wintercon 2019.  Today the gang breakdown Holiday Movies in which one is better that will represent The Champ Mr. Oh So Smooth and Synn City.


Join the discussion and tell us WHO YOU GOT!

NYC Edition Round 178: The Who You Got Challenge Show - “Scary/Halloween” TV Specials

November 2nd, 2019

It's Halloween Night! And the crew is together for another Who You Got Challenge Show with Mista Malave picking tonight's Theme.  His choice was "Scary/Halloween" TV Specials...Some are not scary...some are not even on Halloween but that's how Mista Malave picks em.  Join us for some Spooky Discussions and Some Spooky Cheersing and find out what we felt was the BEST "Scary/Halloween" TV Special


Florida Edition Round 58: Feeling Some Type of Way About More HHN And Oktoberfest!

October 28th, 2019

Come away with Big Money Eddie and Ashley Stashbox on a magical Fall journey. We hear about Eddie's recent Halloween Horror Nights trip and all his shenanigans. We also find out who Stashbox would F***, Marry, or Kill "Spooky Edition" featuring Serial Killers, Universal Monsters, and Killers from Movies. We know your DYING to find out. Catch back up with them in 2 weeks! Stay safe this holiday!!

With The Subs Episodo Juu(10)- On the Road to AnimeNYC

October 22nd, 2019

Fresh from an amazing time at NYCC 2019. Atown Ryan and OhMyClaude shifts focus on Anime NYC going down next month.

NYC Edition Round 177: The Who You Got Challenge Show - AEROSMITH

October 19th, 2019

Welcome to the evolution of the 2nd Round! We are bringing the first of many Who You Got Challenge Shows while we make our transition to more YouTube content!


Tonight Mr. Oh So Smooth made his selection for the theme and it's his favorite rock and roll band AEROSMITH.  Mr. James has chosen 8 songs from the band that tonight the group will breakdown and discuss which out of the 8 is the best song!

Tune in and give your opinion on "The Greatest Rock and Roll Band"

With The Subs Episodo Kyu(9)- The Feels Train coming to a Theater near you!!!!!

September 16th, 2019

The crew is back once again discussing all the latest Freshmen anime of 2019 and their favorite Anime Films of recent years.

NYC Edition Round 171: NYCC: Who You Got Challenge Survivor - A-Town/Sharkpool

August 30th, 2019

It is TIME! Tonight the crew breakdown the A-Town/Sharkpool conference to decide who Mr. A-Town Ryan will be taking to NYCC in the first ever Who You Got Challenge....SURVIVOR



NYC Edition Round 170: We Dem Boys

August 16th, 2019

Join us tonight as we gear up for FlameCon and Long Island Tropic Con with a review of the Amazon Prime hit show The Boys! We discuss our feelings and favorite moments of the show and who we would fuck, marry and kill!

Also, Tommy James has decided to jot some names down for a new list he is creating. Synn City is just waiting for a good promo from Lex.  Lex is holding his belt tight. Mr. A-Town is on Vacation Mode and Mista Malave really wants some Starlight in his life!

NYC Edition Round 168: The Disney Song Settlement

July 22nd, 2019

On tonights episode the crew sits down to discuss there time in Connecticut, the Con, the games and then we discuss our Favorite Disney songs and who we would pick to sing them if we had the chance. Also! Mr. Lex on Decks The Champ selects his Who You Got Challenge Theme against Jade! And Tommy James makes a special announcement for the NYCC Who You Got Challenge. Tune in and get involved!

NYC Edition Round 167: The ConnectiCon XVII Movie Who You Got Challenge

July 14th, 2019

With ConnectiCon this weekend, the 2nd Round gets together with Trivia Titans co-host Mom The Cosplayer and Cats On My Cosplay for an epic movie challenge breakdown! The movies on this list is top notch...You would you pick to be the epic winner???


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And be sure to check them out when Trivia Titans drops soon!

NYC Edition Round 165: The Eternal Con Who You Got Challenge - Synn City

June 19th, 2019

The final breakdown occurs when the Champ himself Synn City breaks down his conference with the entire crew present.  Which character is the chosen one to defend against the others?? And and yourself...Could you triple cast a double cast if you cannot triple stamp a double stamp?

NYC Edition Round 163: The Eternal Con Who You Got Challenge - A-Town

June 13th, 2019

Join us as the quest for the championship begins as we breakdown Mr. A-Town Ryans conference.  Who will Alex be taking to Eternal Con....Listen to find out!

NYC Edition Round 162: 2nd Rounds After Dark w/ It’s Not Me, It’s You Podcast

June 9th, 2019

Its late...your alone at home with nothing to do...WELL PUT ON THE BRAND NEW ROUND WITH THE LOVELY LADIES FROM THE IT'S NOT ME, IT'S YOU PODCAST! TONIGHT....WE GET SEXAY AND SPICY! We discuss stuff that you shouldn't speak to your mother about! With a special beginning from the one and only "Morgan Freeman" and "Michael Bolton"


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With The Subs Episodo Roku(6) Learning the Tropes

June 6th, 2019

The June edition of With The Subs has Alex and Claude talking classic tropes that exist in all anime both old and new. Plus they review the new episodes of One Punch Man and Attack On Titan

NYC Edition Round 160: The MegaCon Return Recap

May 26th, 2019

Join Synn City, Mista Malave and Mr. Oh So Smooth as they sit down and discuss their wonderful Florida trip to MegaCon, The Florida Crew, The First Ever Movie Who You Got Challenge & Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.  Take the emotional ride of how they feel being back in New York!

Florida Edition Round 55: Feeling Some Type of Way About Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile

May 7th, 2019

Ashley Stashbox and Big Money Eddie are back! And they reviewed the BIGGEST MOVIE that dropped this past week! The Ted Bundy movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile starring Zac Efron on Netflix. We also get a new Florida Damn article! Stay tuned for more content weekly and see ya at MegaCon Orlando 2019!

NYC Edition Round 157: The 4th Year Endgame Spoiler

May 7th, 2019

WE HAVE HIT THE 4 YEAR MARK EVERYONE! Join the OG 3: Mr. A-Town Ryan, Mr. Synn City and Mr. Oh So Smooth while we breakdown Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS!!

Florida Edition Round 53: Feeling Some Type of Way about The Dirt

April 22nd, 2019

Grab your Crüe!! Ashley Stashbox and Big Money are back and discussing the latest biopic The Dirt. They also dive into some terrible crimes committed by all sorts of celebrities. A dream-casting for a movie of bands they would like to see? You bet your a$$ they went there! 

Florida Edition Round 51: Feeling Some Type of Way About Florida Man Challenge!!

April 22nd, 2019

Grab your phones kids! Ashley Stashbox and Big Money Eddie are back for Episode 51 and they discuss the hot new trend sweeping social media..."The Florida Man Challenge." Listen as they discuss the craziest FL articles of the year and do the challenge as well!!

NYC Edition Round 152: Big Aladdin Endgame Recap

March 16th, 2019

Join us for the new Synn City Era as we discuss Big Apple Con, The Brand New Network All In Digital! Also, we discuss our reactions to the new Aladdin Trailer starring Will Smith and we learn Tommy's love for Jafar, Marwan Kenzari and finally we breakdown Avengers Endgame and the return of Michael B Jordan!